Professor  Branislav Rehák, PhD

Researcher, Control Theory Department, Institute of Information Theory and Automation,

C zech Acdemy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic.


Wednesday  October 25th, 2023 - 10:00-11:30 - Mexico City Time Zone 

(Opening Ceremony and  Plenary)

Title: "Stabilization of nonlinear large scale systems and synchronization of nonlinear multi-agent systems: a comparison of both problems"

Session Chair Dr. José Javier Ruiz León 



A comparison of the stabilization of large-scale systems and consensus of multi-agent systems is presented in this talk. Both problems are closely related, similar tools are used to formulate and solve these problems. For instance, the stability conditions can be expressed in form of LMIs using the Kronecker product, there is a method for reducing the size of these LMIs so that the stability conditions are not dependent on the total number of subsystems or agents. These similarities lead sometimes to the confusion of both problems. In spite of numerous similar features, one can also observe important differences, especially if nonlinearities or time delays are present in the control loop.

Time delays inevitably appear when the control over communication networks is applied - this is often the case of control of large-scale or multi-agent systems. Thus, in both cases, attention is paid to the explanation of the effects of the time delays in the control of the large-scale and multi-agent systems. The most important fact to be demonstrated is that, if the time delays are different in all agents, full synchronization of the multi-agent systems cannot be achieved. On the other hand, the stabilization of the large-scale network can be guaranteed even in presence of different delays in the subsystems composing the large-scale system.

Nonlinearities are also found in many physical systems, hence a comparison of nonlinear large-scale an multi-agent systems also deserves attention. It is shown that the stabilization of a nonlinear large-scale system is possible under more restrictive assumptions compared to the synchronization of a nonlinear multi-agent system.

In the final part of the talk, some problems related to the multi-agent synchronization, namely the containment problem for the multi-agent systems, is presented. It is demonstrated that the presence of heterogeneous delays also potentially prevents the multi-agent system from achieving the containment.



Ing. Mgr. Branislav Rehák, PhD. (*21.2.1972) Current: Researcher, Control Theory Department, Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Czech Acdemy of Sciences.

December 2010 – November 2011: research stay at the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan

October 2009: research stay at CINVESTAV Guadalajara, Mexico

November 2008: research stay at Politecnico di Torino, Italy

October 2008: research stay at CINVESTAV Guadalajara, Mexico

September 2007 – June 2008: research stay at the Kuberneetika instituut in Tallinn, Estonia

2.6.2005: Dissertation thesis at the Czech Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering defended. Its title: Numerical methods for the nonlinear output regulation problem. PhD obtained.

1.4.2005 – now: Researcher at the Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Department of Control Theory, Pod vodárenskou věží 4, Praha 8

2000 – 2005: Researcher, Czech Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Control Engineering

1998: mgr. (MSc) from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague, specialization Mathematical Modeling in Physics and Technology 1998: ing. (MSc) from the Czech Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, specialization Technical Cybernetics, start of the PhD studies of the specialization Control Theory and Robotics

Research interests:

Nonlinear systems control, especially nonlinear output regulation, center manifold theory, nonlinear observer design,

Complex systems decomposition, decentralized control, large-scale and multi-agent systems control. Time-delay systems

Member of:

IFAC Technical Committee on Nonlinear Systems




Professor  Margarita Sordo, MSc, PhD, FAMIA

Senior Medical Informatics Researcher and Instructor of Medicine at the Brigham & Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

Boston MA, USA


Thursday October 26th, 2023 - 16:00-17:00 ,  Mexico City Time Zone

Title: "Artificial Intelligence and the Practice of Medicine"

 Session Chair: Dra. Blanca Tovar Corona 



 Artificial intelligence can be a powerful tool to aid clinicians in the practice of medicine. To develop impactful AI applications, it is important to: a) follow the guiding principles of responsible AI to ensure the resulting applications are safe, fair, trustworthy, transparent and unbiased; and b) understand the cognitive decision-making processes and tasks involved in the practice of medicine. In this talk I'll briefly address these challenges and present a knowledge-based approach that aligns with both responsible AI principles, and the practice of medicine; followed by examples of knowledge-based AI applications for clinical decision support.




Margarita Sordo, MSc, PhD, FAMIA is a Senior Medical Informatics Researcher and Instructor of Medicine at the Brigham & Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School. Dr. Sordo is an appointed representative of Mexico to the OECD Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI). In this capacity, she serves as member of the steering committee on Artificial Intelligence for Pandemic Response working group, member of the AI for Drug Discovery working group, and member of the Responsible use of AI group. Her work focuses on artificial intelligence and knowledge representation for clinical decision support; data governance and responsible use of AI; complex adaptive systems to model patient characteristics and preferences to evaluate the potential impact determinants of health on patient's health and well-being. Previous work includes design and development of knowledge-based systems to support enterprise-wide integration of healthcare applications; development of national and international standards (eRecommendations, GELLO); postmarketing surveillance. Dr. Sordo is the co-chair of the WIA Mentoring, Networking and Lifecycle subcommittee, a member of the DEI Retention & Advancement Subcommittee, and a Fellow of the American Medical Informatics Association (FAMIA).






Professor  Michela Meo, PhD

Full Professor Department of Electronics and Telecommunications (DET)

Politecnico di Torino


Friday October 27th, 2023 - 10:00-11:00 , Mexico City Time Zone

Title:  "About sustainability of radio access networks"

 Session Chair: Dr. Mauricio Lara Barrón 




The sector of Information and Communication Technologies is experiencing an extremely fast growth, pushed by the popularity of high bitrate video services, the worldwide demand for connectivity, the increasing number of connections, digitalized systems, robots and IoT devices. Such a fast growth is non sustainable in the medium term and, combined by the urgency of actions to cope with climate changes, is calling for solutions to reduce energy consumption and emissions. In this talk, we discuss some of the challenges related to sustainability of radio access networks. As a case study, we consider the introduction of renewable energy sources in the power supply systems and the integration of aerial platforms to off-load part of the traffic so as to reduce the power demand of the terrestrial network.



Michela Meo is a Professor of Telecommunication Engineering with the Politecnico di Torino, Italy. Her research interests include green networking, energy-efficient mobile networks and data centers, Internet traffic classification and characterization, and machine learning for video quality of experience. She edited a book Green Communications (Wiley) and several special issues of international journals. She chaired the International Advisory Council of the International Teletraffic Conference from 2015 to 2022. She is a Senior Editor of IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and was an Associate Editor of ACM/IEEE Transactions on Networking, Green Series of the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas of Communications, and IEEE Communication Surveys and Tutorials. In the role of General or Technical Chair, she has lead the organization of several conferences, including ACM e-Energy, ACM/IEEE MSWiM, ITC, Infocom Miniconference, ICC simposia, and ISCC.